Safety and Weather

Delivery Policy

It is both the customer's decision to cancel the rental due to the weather and Lonestar Moonwalk's decision to cancel the rental due to projected weather forecasts as well. All payments are non-refundable, however, if the weather is bad, your payment will be credited back to your card within 24-48 hours. To receive the refunded Credit, you must inform us of your decision to cancel due to the weather at least 2 hours before your rental period begins. Once the delivery crew arrives on site we will not provide any rainchecks, and you must move forward with the rental. Changing the booking date, or canceling, for any reason other than inclement weather will result in the loss of your payment and/or rescheduling fees.

Employee Training

At least one employee overseeing every customer setup has been trained internally and certified by SIOTA (Safe Inflatable Operators Training Association) for the safe setup and operation of our bounce houses and other inflatable rentals. Unlike many competitors, we do not employee outside or contract staff to deliver, set up, or pick up our inflatable rentals, because we are able to better ensure a consistently high level of customer service. Our staff are expected to be uniformed, courteous, knowledgeable, and all-around good guys and gals!

Customer Education

In addition to providing a detailed set of party rental operating instructions and safety recommendations, we strive to ensure every customer has access to ample training/Q&A to supplement the written information provided in the Rental Agreement, (i) before your event (by phone or email), (ii) in-person at the time of setup, and (iii) at any time during your rental, even after-hours, by calling 512-743-5560 to reach our Active Rental Support department.

Industry Awareness

We monitor the latest news and safety recommendations from industry leaders, including the Safe Inflatables Operators Training Association, ASTM (F2374-17 Feb-2018), the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (Amusement Ride Safety Bulletin Aug-2015), and government bodies in more heavily regulated states. Examples that set us apart from our competitors are: strict anchoring policies, covered slide platforms, safer entrances/exits (with rails or tunnel entrances), ASTM-approved safety mats and the Watchdog Series 2 Blower Siren - free with every moonwalk and other ride-on/ride-in inflatable rental - and much more.